Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 29 ✮My Creative Process✮

I've just completed a new pendant.....attached is an image of it in the very beginning stages.  Struggling with a name right now...have some ideas but nothing concrete. In the the cabochon, a beautiful amethyst sage, the sterling back-plate and the empty bezel which is soldered on...those little spots inside the bezel are the melted solder chips. The second photo is the finished piece....complete with sterling silver bead drops....with a handcrafted feather. The last photo is of the entire piece worn....there are handcrafted feather accents fixed to the heavy sterling cable chain....the bead accents are a blend of sterling silver, amethyst and amber. I choose those accents because of the coloring in the beautiful cabochon. I'm hoping to have the pendant listed in my Etsy shop sometime on Friday.  After completing this piece I will be returning to making totems....a wolf as well as a raven are on the back burner. I find my animal totems are the most fulfilling for me to craft. I have a black faceted spinel ordered for the raven and a tahoma jasper for the wolf.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010