Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Stuffola *Excerpts from a birthday celebration*

     Wednesday was my birthday.....we met my Mom for brunch, came home and watched a very cool's the link for it  Allman Bros. Please Call Home Dvd.  My husband had ordered it being a huge follower of their music, i learned alot about the band I had never known. Awesome Band!!  Gregg Allman's Laid Back album (i had it on vinyl) a masterpiece!!!! The procededes from the sale of the Dvd help to support the Big House (the home the band and friends lived in for a time), which is now a museum. So check out the site.....
     Later that night we dined Al Fresco at a local Italian restaurant....and the Peach Sangria's were was a lovely birthday even though we had a terrible thunderstorms throughout the day.


  1. Hello over here. Happy belated birthday to you!!

    xo, Ro

  2. Hey Ro! Aw...thanks! Love my deer heart pendant still! and no sign of Tripod....getting used to a new torch...burning everything raven pendant still on the back burner..haven't burned him up yet thankfully!