Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Morning *MINI RANT* Raven Update info.'s another Sunday morning. I decided to go through my blog list and post comments and investigate. My significant other, aka "the engineer" was fooling around on You's what caught his fancy this morning (i must say it made me chuckle) don't say I didn't warn you and i hope i can get this link to work.*Engineer brain snack* .
     Last night we went to the movies, The Girl Who Played with Fire, I just love that actress,Noomi Rapace, and the series in general. I can't fathom that Hollywood is going to ruin this for me by doing a remake (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) with Hollywood people. Please God No!!!! I adore Ellen Page but would hate to see her mess up her supernova career by stepping into this role. The girl from Twilight...No! Dakota Fanning....give me a break...No!...Daniel Craig is going to play the journalist....I'm actually at peace about this. If Hollywood redoes this that mean it's going to be inherently better? Some things are best left can't top this one Hollywood....Good Luck trying....You have my deepest sympathy.

I did check out Jane Fonda's blog this morning because it had some info about Katwise (an etsy seller) I have one of her cool a** sweaters. Maybe will add some more linkypoo's if i get around to it!

****The Raven is in the tumbler today he'll be done late this week♞
Raven update! My shop is experiencing construction chaos this week and i was unable to get the raven finished for his debut by weeks I'm hoping for mid week debut the week of the 23rd(finger's crossed). I appreciate your patience so much!!!


  1. Ah I've just finished reading the girl who played with fire, and was wondering about getting the dvds too. I loved the books! Might give them a go.

    Am intriged about the raven!!

  2. Both movies were awesome....but the first one is my favorite! I'm anxiously awaiting the release of the 3rd. The raven is primarily awaiting soldering and a bit of drilling, then decorating. He is adorned with stars and carries a star with a turquoise focal, dangling from his feet. So far he's the most captivating piece I've done so handsome!