Sunday, September 5, 2010

Raven and new dangles

       Ok....i officially prefer Griffin's LOS to i mixed the 2 together because my griffins has been acting weird....before that I re-worked his dangles....added tiny faceted thai fine silver cubes....that had become an archaeological relic on my basement bench.....I had come to terms with never using them until today....i thought I'd give them a try and surprisingly they worked better than the 2mm sterling silver beads.
Here are the new photo's. He is now officially shop ready! 
So much drama for one little bird!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Torch, My Prize from the raffle, My Raven

Last month was particularly trying for me and i know I'm not alone. Everything required extra effort and energy....leaving me feeling like I couldn't  catch up no matter what. My confidence levels were at an all time low. I know this post is late in arriving but know I did my best to get here and done tonight. First meet torch . We have made friends and have come to an understanding. Next....the bracelet I won in a raffle I heard about through SJA Forum. I have other photos of some of the lovely charms on the bracelet which i may post next time....i don't know how much photo room i have on this post.

The Raven Cometh
Last but not Raven Totem Pendant. I will have him in my shop very soon. This piece was challenging and difficult to balance and design.....things i hadn't even thought of happened in this piece....not to mention adjusting to Flossie and various torch tips. I gave it my best...thinking of blackening him some more...we'll see. So without further ado......The Raven
Sterling Silver, Faceted Black Spinel &Turquoise
Pmc Bracelet
Happy Labor Day Weekend! Sue

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Raven Update! Won a PMC bracelet in a raffle!

Well......soldering is complete with the exception of a few jump rings. He will be oxidized and have his cabs set this evening. I didn't burn him up...even though it wasn't looking good for a day or two. ✪
     Raven was completed tonight  9/4....thankfully he's done(so many little problems)....there were some design problems but with some careful consideration and experimentation....i'm happy to say.....i'm proud of him! He will be photographed tomorrow and up on the blog saturday. Next piece will be earrings to go with the Prayer Feather's necklace....that was purchased locally. After that i need a simple uncomplicated project....we'll see what happens there!

     I have photos of my new torch to post along with photo's of  a PMC bracelet I won in a raffle I entered. It was a raffle for a bone marrow charity....the bracelet just arrived in the mail on Saturday unexpectedly.