Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Torch, My Prize from the raffle, My Raven

Last month was particularly trying for me and i know I'm not alone. Everything required extra effort and energy....leaving me feeling like I couldn't  catch up no matter what. My confidence levels were at an all time low. I know this post is late in arriving but know I did my best to get here and done tonight. First meet torch . We have made friends and have come to an understanding. Next....the bracelet I won in a raffle I heard about through SJA Forum. I have other photos of some of the lovely charms on the bracelet which i may post next time....i don't know how much photo room i have on this post.

The Raven Cometh
Last but not Raven Totem Pendant. I will have him in my shop very soon. This piece was challenging and difficult to balance and design.....things i hadn't even thought of happened in this piece....not to mention adjusting to Flossie and various torch tips. I gave it my best...thinking of blackening him some more...we'll see. So without further ado......The Raven
Sterling Silver, Faceted Black Spinel &Turquoise
Pmc Bracelet
Happy Labor Day Weekend! Sue


  1. Wow, your Raven necklace is gorgeous!!! And congrats on winning the bracelet. Have a great weekend!!

  2. MWS....thanks....just left you a comment on your blog....nice displays! The bracelet just i was like....what did i order that i forgot about....and feeling guilty. It's a nice piece...made by differnt pmc artisans that donated charms for the benefit of the cancer and bone marrow charity.