Monday, October 25, 2010

Wolf Spirit-Sterling Tahoma Jasper Pendant(Totem Pendant)


****new items posted in a few days....been fighting an awful bug this weekend***
The wolf is finally ready to introduce himself to everyone. I am a teacher and pathfinder...I come into your life when you need guidance. If you have me as a totem you will move on to teach others about sacredness and spirituality. I will teach you to balance the responsibility of family needs without losing your personal identity. I will travel great distances in search of Truth and Knowledge and return to the pack to teach and share my medicine. My mournful cry is the sound that links this world with the one beyond.....I am pathfinder. I bring a strong sense of faithfulness, inner strength, intuition and learning. Sometimes one needs to cross barriers, take risks, go beyond the limited of normal behavior in order to learn and grow, although crossing these boundaries may seem repugnant, even painful. Fear not the inner power and strength you feel when you spend time alone...instead come to know your deepest self   and even in the darkest places ,with me as ally, you will find closeness and spiritual companionship. You are never alone. I will teach you through your experience to trust yourself and not to fear those parts of you that you do not understand or know. I will guard you as I teach you, sometimes gently, sometimes strongly, but always with love. 

Hand assembled...sterling silver sheet, Tahoma Jasper, faceted black spinel and red coral beads, sterling silver beads and chain(lobster claw)..turquoise and coral bead accents --Original DalaHorse Design©2010

***I will be adding him to the shop tomorrow sometime


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Weekend in Yellowsprings

Last Saturday we made our way up to YellowSprings for it's bi-annual Street Fair. It's a pretty crowded event...but the waether was it was a splendid day. There's something for everyone pets...artisan goods.....neat hippie shops...Ye Olde Trail Tavern (which is supposed to be haunted)...and the Little Art Theater . Almost forgot to mention I had my tarot cards read while we were waiting for a tabel at Ye Olde Trail Tavern....I'm supposed to rely heavily on my intuition in the coming days. Now for some pics ready or nor! Also Antioch College  is in Yellow Springs! Unique college town!  Sorry about the the above para...tried my damnest to fix luck! 

La Belly Dancers....a brave lot!
and more from the ladies!
Beyond Darling Animals!
Pure Sweetness.....unfortunately he wouldn't fit in my purse!
New Richmond Alpaca FarmsAlpaca Link 
Yummy Street Fair Treats!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Back In Town

Friday afternoon fun! Serious fun!
♞♞♞Was away helping my Mom with the sale of her condo out of state...I've missed Blogworld and all my friends here but didn't have a very secure connection in Boca and didn't want to take the risk! It was a working vacation....had pretty good weather in general....did alot of packing and shipping and donating. Visiting the beach was great....collected some sea shells and did way too much eating! Great deli's there! The airport experience is always other planetary...but a necessary evil! Rush to wait....more rushing to wait...waiting in plane isles.... the bathroom treks which I try to avoid like the plague...a clothespin is helpful to close your nostrils shut! *lol* The anti-climatic snack event...and the wonderful feeling of being trapped in the "safe" beyond the security zone....OMG! Seriously...I had my camera but didn't think to document the airport experience...I do learn from my mistakes. Our kitties were elated to have us return...but a bit peeved as well. Our cat sitter is super....and does an excellent job...but it's not the same for the kitties! Lily my Savannah is in dreamland right now on my lap....Cinny our tiger striped has filled her belly with cat treats and is asleep at her daddy's feet! Feels like home again! *sigh* ♚♚♚

In the process of breakdown

Will squeeze pics of the Yellow Springs Street Fair on the next post.....don't think this post will let me have the space :(