Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Back In Town

Friday afternoon fun! Serious fun!
♞♞♞Was away helping my Mom with the sale of her condo out of state...I've missed Blogworld and all my friends here but didn't have a very secure connection in Boca and didn't want to take the risk! It was a working vacation....had pretty good weather in general....did alot of packing and shipping and donating. Visiting the beach was great....collected some sea shells and did way too much eating! Great deli's there! The airport experience is always other planetary...but a necessary evil! Rush to wait....more rushing to wait...waiting in plane isles.... the bathroom treks which I try to avoid like the plague...a clothespin is helpful to close your nostrils shut! *lol* The anti-climatic snack event...and the wonderful feeling of being trapped in the "safe" beyond the security zone....OMG! Seriously...I had my camera but didn't think to document the airport experience...I do learn from my mistakes. Our kitties were elated to have us return...but a bit peeved as well. Our cat sitter is super....and does an excellent job...but it's not the same for the kitties! Lily my Savannah is in dreamland right now on my lap....Cinny our tiger striped has filled her belly with cat treats and is asleep at her daddy's feet! Feels like home again! *sigh* ♚♚♚

In the process of breakdown

Will squeeze pics of the Yellow Springs Street Fair on the next post.....don't think this post will let me have the space :(


  1. Thanks Ro.....i have some pictures to post of the shipment that arrived yesterday from Boca....my poor back is feeling the effects. We are going to Yellowsprings this morning to visit a street festival up there. Hopefully my back will allow me to have an ache free day.I've been keeping up with your blog....will post very soon....loved your raven and moon pic too!♥♥♥

  2. Boca as in Boca Raton?

    I live in Miami close to Pembroke Pines.

    Welcome back to Bloggyland.

  3. Annah....yep Boca Raton...My husbands brother is in Pompano and the other brother lives in Jupiter....Mom's condo closed yesterday...so our trip of clearing things out was successful. We had it on the market for over 3 years.....buyer's market there like everywhere else. I was born in Miami...Dade county...North Shore Hospital. Thanks for the welcome back and thanks for visiting my blog....hoping to have some pics up late tonight.