Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Weekend in Yellowsprings

Last Saturday we made our way up to YellowSprings for it's bi-annual Street Fair. It's a pretty crowded event...but the waether was it was a splendid day. There's something for everyone pets...artisan goods.....neat hippie shops...Ye Olde Trail Tavern (which is supposed to be haunted)...and the Little Art Theater . Almost forgot to mention I had my tarot cards read while we were waiting for a tabel at Ye Olde Trail Tavern....I'm supposed to rely heavily on my intuition in the coming days. Now for some pics ready or nor! Also Antioch College  is in Yellow Springs! Unique college town!  Sorry about the the above para...tried my damnest to fix luck! 

La Belly Dancers....a brave lot!
and more from the ladies!
Beyond Darling Animals!
Pure Sweetness.....unfortunately he wouldn't fit in my purse!
New Richmond Alpaca FarmsAlpaca Link 
Yummy Street Fair Treats!
Our purchases for the day were alpaca scarves for fall and winter....mine was peachy/pumpkin and my John picked a gray replace the one he lost in NY.


  1. Ohhh It looks like fun and good weather. I'm afraid of fortune tellers so I steer clear. Oh yes I'd like an alpaca to carry my yorkie!

    Glad you had fun.


  2. Ro....we did have fun!...the fortune teller was very benign was $10 for 10 minutes while waiting to be seated...i pulled some great cards. I do it every now and then but not to often. The alpaca's would make wonderful yorkie camels. Loved your vacation post yesterday!♥♥♥Sue

  3. I love getting my cards ready. I just wish I had the discipline to learn how to read Tarot myself.

    Love the llama :)

  4. Hey Alice....i think some decks are self teaching...come with instructions....yeah those furry little critters are so your new ring from Kerin Rose...awesome beauty!

  5. Oooooh i love alpacas - have you ever seen any animal with such a fantastic pout! Brilliant - looks like you had loads of fun.

  6. too! they have wonderful faces and very cute expressions! We may go back today for an early dinner at the tavern. Happy Weekending!

  7. Hey, I used to be a belly dancer too. And believe it or not I actually know the belly dancer in the front in the green outfit. Her name is Jennifer and she's actually VERY good. We took classes together here in the panhandle! How about that?

  8. Delia...a bellydancer...never would have thought it! You know the expression "It's a small world"....applies here....such a coincidence that we would take a journey to one of our favorite haunts...Yellowsprings...take pictures of the happenings....and you'd know someone in the pic's. They do a good job with the belly dancing and do a show twice a year at the fair....we always enjoy watching them whilst stuffing ourselves with all the fair eat treats...sugared almonds, ribbon fires, sweet potato ribbon fries, chicken shish-kabobs, cotten candy, funnel cakes....the list is endless. We always gain a few extra pounds that weekend!