Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Right Hand/Left Hand Print Earrings & Joan Of Arc Burning Star Pendant

✭✭✭First of all.....just getting over a weird bug and been really dragging last few energy levels at an all time low...I'm a bit slower with my work and these two pieces are finally finished and got them photographed today whilst freezing my a@@ off outside....not the best thing for someone just getting over being ill. The first ones are the earrings....I'm in love with them....they were fun to make and watch evolve and I'm totally thrilled with the finished result. They are Right hand/Left hand earrings...
                                          ✭✭✭✭         ✭✭✭✭       ✭✭✭✭
The American Indians highly regarded their war horses and often honored and protected them by painting various tribal  symbols upon the animals body before a fight. Symbols varied from tribe to tribe but many were commonly used...each symbol having it's own specific meaning and purpose for which it was used, was determined by the nature of the dangerous job which the war horse would be asked to do. Right hand/Left Hand prints were outlined upon the horse's chest...which showed he'd knocked down an enemy. He protected his rider and was thus honored and respected for his contribution in the fight.
Hand Print Earrings

Joan of Arc: In the 15th century, France is mired in the 100 Years War when a humble voice appears, claiming to have been instructed by the Lord to lead the French army into battle and defend their land against the British. The voice belongs to Jeanne d'Aragon, a teenage girl from a tiny village, and, to the surprise of many, her story does not fall on deaf ears. Wearing the armor of a soldier, the girl known as Joan of Arc leads the French troops in what she believes is a holy battle. Joan would soon be tried for heresy for her actions, but history would vindicate her with sainthood.
Joan Of Arc Burning Star Pendant
                        Hope to have these items listed in the shop in a day or two!