Saturday, January 29, 2011

✮✮✮Lavender Nebula Stellar Ring✮✮✮

     I may be a day late getting this blog ready but better late than never applies here. I had a sensational amethyst sage cab in my auditioned for this ring and made the cut.....the rest is history.  I really don't want to part with this one but it going to be a good girl and offer it in my shop on a trial basis...the trial being can or can't i live without it! *ha*. The name just popped into my dinosaur brain....even before it was finished so I'm going with it. I did some research on nebula's....Stephen Hawking territory and completely beyond my comprehension so i settled for a defination. 

A cloud of gas in space, usually one that is glowing. Historically, "nebula" was a general term used to indicate any light or dark patch of the night sky that was "fuzzy," or not sharply defined, as a star or planet would be.

Nebula Image
Lavender Nebula Stellar Body Adornment
Size 5 3/4

Will be in the shop Sunday....Monday at the latest!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Spiritual Path Sterling African Druzy Pendant

It's been quite a while since I've posted...been hibernating......winter blue's and all that! I look out the window and see so many critter tracks across our yard and feel bad for letting myself get into a funk when for them it's survival at it's very core. It's been so cold here....snow.....wet doors that are frozen shut.....lost car keys (:() and cars encased in snow and ice aswell as broken car heater....brrrr!.