Saturday, January 29, 2011

✮✮✮Lavender Nebula Stellar Ring✮✮✮

     I may be a day late getting this blog ready but better late than never applies here. I had a sensational amethyst sage cab in my auditioned for this ring and made the cut.....the rest is history.  I really don't want to part with this one but it going to be a good girl and offer it in my shop on a trial basis...the trial being can or can't i live without it! *ha*. The name just popped into my dinosaur brain....even before it was finished so I'm going with it. I did some research on nebula's....Stephen Hawking territory and completely beyond my comprehension so i settled for a defination. 

A cloud of gas in space, usually one that is glowing. Historically, "nebula" was a general term used to indicate any light or dark patch of the night sky that was "fuzzy," or not sharply defined, as a star or planet would be.

Nebula Image
Lavender Nebula Stellar Body Adornment
Size 5 3/4

Will be in the shop Sunday....Monday at the latest!



  1. Little planets and a star all around? It is lovely, Sue, but much too small for me ... not nice! :-P

  2. Cat....more rings coming....probably in a similar theme...i can always hunt for a beautiful cab especially for you when you're ready! ♥
    I'm experimenting with a new technique next bonding to fine silver-keum boo....will either be a nice success or a hot mess with gold flecks! *lol*

  3. Beautiful work! The stone is wonderful and totally understand the not wanting to part with something you make. I deal with it everyday! paintings especially for me. They are like my babies and seeing them go is hard.

    Let me know how the keum boo goes for you. I was wanting to do that this year as well.

    Kathleen xx

  4. Kathleen....will keep ypu husbands already freaked out that somehow our cat Lily is going to end up bonded to a silver disc...i promised him i'd be really careful! ♥

  5. GORGEOUS!!! You with the skinny fingers! I love AmySage LOVE IT!!!!!!!


  6. These are so beautiful!!! Wow. You've got a wonderful talent. :)
    I have a bunch of photos of Nebula that I plan on using in a collage. So beautiful.
    Very pretty song on your playlist that comes up btw.

  7. nice to have you stop by ♥...the song is by Glenn Gould...concerto in D his playing! Sue

  8. This is such an awesome ring, Sue. I love the stone and the design... the two together are just stellar!

  9. Delia....thanks sweetie! that cab is a beauty i must admit! XOXO Sue

  10. I just love this ring. Your work is sooo amazing! I can never wait to see the next piece!

  11. Thank you so much Vanessa...a bracelet is being planned In keum boo...right now...hopefully it will work out and not become a pendant. Sue♥

  12. Hello,
    May I use your nebula picture as the foreground of my voice recording, please?
    Thank you, L

  13. L....i found the nebula picture's not my personal image. You may want to do a search for nebula images...and you may find it.