Sunday, March 27, 2011

✭✭✭ Blue Sky Sparrow Ring with Drusy and THE Casting Creature ✭✭✭

✭Blue Sky Sparrow Ring✭

      The sparrow is a common song bird that reflects the significance of the common traits we share with others in humanity and life in general. The sparrow does not think of itself as common and will assert itself in life to assure its own survival. The sparrow as a totem reminds you to appreciate your place in the world. Sparrow teaches that you have self-worth. I've named this ring Blue Sky forever reminding us to take time to live life....reach for the sky....never settle for less than in any matter....especially matters of the heart.  The Sparrow, fastidious and productive, reminds us that idle hands and minds should be avoided to live a full and healthy life. Wear her as a badge of womanhood....surviving the trials and tribulations of everyday life with a quiet and soulful pride. She will sing you through the storms of life with a gentle serenity....and she will prevail....her survival imperative. The Sparrows song is strength in numbers.....working together to achieve common goals...always in a clan they move in clusters and are always content as such. This can be quite intimidating to some would be predators. She's waiting to alight the person who's awaiting her.

✭Sterling Silver & Drusy Finger Adornment✭

If you like birds of all sorts check out the link will take some time to load but very worthwhile.

As usual we took in a movie this weekend....the cinema we enjoy the mostest serves real butter on their's so delicious.

Oh from casting she be...

hole-y creature

My Lily
She has so wanted to be in the blog...and she's been such a good girl!




  1. that video gave me a smile a mile wide! what beautiful birds. i always thought vultures were so ugly, but since starting my volunteer work at the wild animal hospital, i have grown to believe they are the most gorgeous, magnificent fliers in all the avian kingdom ... so glad you shared that with us!!!

    and your jewels are lovely ~~ so much sweet movement with the sparrow, and your casting is unique and pleasingly balanced. looks like a great success to me, especially it being your first go-round

    and Lily, what a regal lady! fit for a pharaoh, or a jewelry with the night sky on her fingertips!

  2. What a beautiful little sparrow flying across your fingers! And your casting class ring looks amazing!

  3. Laurie and Michele.....HUGE merci beaucoup! first i thought the birds in the video were hawks....Nepalese Hawks, at the end they're id'ed as vultures...i was astounded. I hope things are going great at the wild animal rescue...and Lily is my little treasure. My husband gave her to me one year during the holidays...i had lost my oldest male cat (my first cat) to old age and disease. I wasn't ready...or atleast i thought i wasn't reday for another cat...but she has cast a spell on me and i love her dearly....she's beautiful, super intelligent and her nature a bit wild since she has african serval ancestry.

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Laurie and Michele!

  4. What a lovely ring, Sue!

    How big is Lily? Is she a Savannah?? She's gorgeous!

  5. Cat...she indeed is a Savannah...she's a SBT generations away from her serval ancestry....but she can be shown I believe through TICA if we wanted to....they recognize her breed. Size wise she's lean and sleek and can run and jump like a wild cat....she's weighs about 7 lbs. last vet visit. Warning...savannah's are highly addicitive to cat people!♥♥♥

  6. Oh man Sue I love your new rings! The Sparrow is a delight and the casted one with your druzy nail polish :) :)

    Lilly is beautiful she looks like she would be right at home roaming the savannas of Africa!!!

    Thank you for sharing...
    xo Ro

  7. Thanks Ro! The drusy nail polish is a bit hard on the eyes...but fun every now and then. Really loved all your pics from your Harsi visit...what lovely memories! ♥♥♥Sue

  8. Gorgeous rings and love your cat !! ;o)

  9. Lorena.....big smiles....Lily-she is an angel!

  10. Ah, I stay away from Savannahs, no worries. Four crazies are way enough, even without serval ancestry *grin*
    I thought you might want to have a look at this ;-)

  11. Cat....i wasn't able to access the link....tried a few times....even did a search on your luck :(

  12. That's weird because the link works for me. On the other hand I had problems with Blogger today, so maybe that was the reason.
    If you search "serval", this is the only post coming up.
    If it keeps on not working, I'll send you the pics as a pm on SJA :-)

  13. please take me to your casting class with you? I have, for ages now, wanted to learn how to cast..... and your results are so beautiful!

  14. Would love to Louise....thanks for following *big hug*..i have another piece to post soon that was cast a few weeks ago....contemporary design...a pendant...that I'm actually liking. I have a new round of classes starting Thursday ...will cast in bronze this session. ♥