Saturday, March 19, 2011

✭✭✭Metal Moon and Stardust Pendant✭✭✭

     I'ts been forever since I've had an update but that moment has arrived.  I have 2 new items to share...and one that's still unfinished...not sure what's it's fate is going to be. I have ordered wider leather strips to work with if it's going to work out at all...maybe the next blog update. A new ring is almost finished,  it's a beautiful Sparrow Ring....very different....with the name Blue Sky. My lost wax casting class is going's a bit of a challenge to work with the wax...quite an art for those who do it well...if i indeed have a talent for this it will take some time to learning curve can be somewhat slow. Also on Friday of last week we had visitors....a herd of wild turkeys. My camera was downstairs so i snapped a few pictures. They were very dinosaur like in the way they walked, ran and in height....they were more scared on me than I of them. They were headed towards the street but after their encounter with me they headed back into the woods. I also spotted our yard fox this week...i was in the garage soldering and he was sitting in the back yard....looking at me looking at him....that fur of his was the most exquisite color.....rust mixed with sunlight....breathtaking!  I didn't get a recent pic of him though. :(

Wild Turkey's on Patrol

I really love this ring......Metal Moon with Silver's a very grand ring.....for a very self assured you can see below

Metal Moon 

Size 7.25 (may fit  up to a half size smaller on a wide band)

Stardust Keum -Boo Pendant on Suede Cord.....This is the first of the DalaPony pieces....a line I'm developing for the art show circuit in Keum-Boo. 

Stardust Keum-Boo Pendant (sterling and bonded gold)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy what's left of the weekend...were about to embark on Saturday Night  at the movies on TV "Hannah and her Sister's"....snacks forthcoming and a little Champagne perhaps! 
      With love,  ♥Sue 


  1. mmmmmm, couch snuggling, popcorn, champagne, and that full golden orb rising & shining bright out there! sounds Heavenly ...

    aren't we always so grateful for the wild unbridled creatures who reveal themselves to us just as we are needing inspiration -- and, how lucky you've been that they've shared of their souls!

    your new works are beautiful! rich in meaning, lush in texture!!! LOVELY having you back.

  2. Living in the city myself I really enjoyed the turkey picture, so cool!

    Even more I enjoyed your new pieces. That druzy is amazing. Great work.

  3. Laurie....our yard wildlife is always many amazing creatures...those turkey's were the coolest....I've heard a chicken shares the same DNA as the I'm wondering if the turkeys share a similar relative. Every now and then I fall off the face of the earth...but manage to climb back on *l*....thanks for your wonderful comment...oh the snacks were pretzels and potato chips and onion dip....avec Coke....the champagne will be on for next week-end!

    Cat...glad you enjoyed the visitors....i'm always wondering what is going on after dark while were sleeping...would love the get a camera with night vision to film the after dark wildlife activity. Yep I've ordered another drusy just like the one in metal's got me in some hypnotic trance....DRUSY....NEED MORE! *LOL*

  4. A toast to you and your fine work. I love the turkeys and the curious fox. Casting class sounds like good fun. I don't remember where you live??? I'm glad you had a peaceful weekend. We all strive for a chunk of peace don't we.

    xo, Ro

  5. Thanks's lost wax casting actually....quite a challenge. I'm in Morrow,'s sandwiched in between Cincinnati and Lebanon...closer to Lebanon. See ya in bloggyland! Sue♥

  6. I LOVE the metal moon ring!! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make in your lost wax casting class :)

  7. Michele...thanks! Metal Moon is way hot....and hypnotic...very pleased with it. I made a ring in casting class...a little wierd to say the least...will post with my next blog update...hopefully Friday or Saturday. It's a re-melt but i wanted to go through the process knowing i wasn't totally thrilled with my piece. Working on a pendant next. Carving in wax is HARD! Sue♥

  8. Sue, that Metal Moon rings is just FABU! I love it... certainly a statement piece. That druzy in it is just captivating and your setting adds to the magic of it.

    Good luck with the lost wax casting. That's something I've always wanted to try ... one day. :)

  9. Howdy Miss Delia...thanks for the visit and super sweet comments. I'm using a more pliable wax now in class...that can be hand shaped....going to try some little wax animals in bronze and silver. It's still very challenging...i'm getting the hang of the procedure now...all the steps...leading up to the that's a blessing!