Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sacredness-Deer Totem Pendant (Sterling & Diggins Blue Agate)

He emerges through the mist
            to take his place upon the Woodland stage.....the Mighty Stag
     The embodiment of power and sacredness together....his antlers a link to higher energies.

He will not only a glimpse of his poised and elegant stature

           Beneath my foot a breaking twig tells him of my presence....we lock eyes for the first time,

     He alerts....white tail raised....stomping his hoof upon his audible snort signals the danger          

                                 of my intrusion into his woodlands....and in an instant he is gone....leaving only his 

sacredness behind....I am in awe...touched by the power and beauty of our meeting.


As a totem deer carries the message of purity of purpose...of walking in the light to dispel shadows. Deer knows the work that it must do, and goes about that work with no fanfare and no need for personal glory or recognition. Nothing can cause deer to change its path. Deer people know what they must do, and will not be turned from their mission. There are no shadows about deer people; no ulterior motives; no hidden agendas; no lies or misrepresentations, and it is not possible for deer to knowing hurt anyone or anything.

Side note....I'm hoping to have some new pieces out soon....with some exciting new design elements (super excited about this idea) as soon as i refill my torch gases....casting class tomorrow....friday is slotted for gas refill. 



  1. Oh, my dear woman. This is gorgeous, moving and true.


  2. Cool, cool, cool, Sue.
    Before reading what you wrote in your post, this pendant made me think of one of my favorite songs.
    Here are the lyrics which always make me shudder on the inside if you know what I mean (even if it does sound cheesy):

  3. Allison....they are such wonderful, beautiful beasts.....commanding our respect.

    Cat...i will have to go check out the lyrics...all curious now!

  4. WOW, WOW WOW!!!!!

    This is beautiful!!!!

  5. Tess....double thank you....for the sweet comment and for following!♥Sue

    Ro..Us chickens know how to smith....huh? *lol* thank you for the lovely comment! ♥Sue

    My cast pendant will be hitting the shop or the blog very finished stages!

  6. i feel the movement, and sense the STRENGTH in this piece!!!

    beautifully composed Sue!

  7. That is amazing, Sue, really stunning. And I can't wait to see your cast pieces.
    Have a wonderful weekend:)

  8. Laurie and Lenita....thanks guys! I wasn't sure of the dotted heartline effect ....the dots from the ears to the cab...but on it just flows beautifully. I wore it in to my casting class yesterday and it got immediate attention...pretty neat...some very talented people there. Just have to attach the leather cord to the cast pendant and get it photographed. Was going for gases today but my husbands taking the day off work and were heading to see a movie about Bee's. We are thinking about doing some bee-keeping. Buzz Buzz

  9. Somehow I missed this one on the forum.
    It is so gorgeous!

    I ♥♥♥ it.

  10. Thanks Carina....i know how fast the forum moves sometimes....i try to keep up but it's a challenge! Thanks for following!♥

  11. lost my breath when i saw this piece. lovely lovely lovely!

  12. Very sweet Kathleen...thank you! xoxoSue

  13. i bet it sounds lovely as you move and bend and twist... and i love the dot line! glad you went with it.

  14. Thank you for visiting Samantha June...and for leaving such a lovely comment! Sue♥

  15. i think this is my favorite piece of yours so far. just gorgeous...

  16. Thanks having you visit! Love those baby chicks!

  17. Wow - what an amazing piece - I absolutely love it. Looking forward to seeing your newest creations!!

  18. Absolutely amazing...WOW!

  19. Wonderful stag and blog. Love your kitty widget ;) ~Sheree

  20. Sandi and Sheree...thanks guys!

    Sheree...thanks for following! ♥

    Blog update forthcoming....late next week....4 new design series planned as well....exciting!