Sunday, May 22, 2011

As promised~~~~NEW STUFF~~~~news sharing

     3 of 4 pieces have made the cut....the 4th will be on the next update. We had so much rain today that i was beginning to think they called the Rapture a day early! *lol*  My trusty 97' BMW with over 300,000 miles on it made it through some horrific water laden roads...i don't know how i made it home this evening but thankfully i made it.  It has been a busy month....I was accepted into a local art show scheduled for October....that i applied for ealier this year. More details announced closer to show date. Out of 385 applicants they took 205 this will be a first for me but really thrilling and quite a big honor for me.  The Sacred Heart Ring is a knock out.....wears like a bad ass tattoo in sterling and Piranha Agate....i literally put my heart and soul into it and it's killer stuff. When i saw the cab with it's blood stains I had to do the Sacred Heart....

Sacred Heart with Piranha Agate
Thorn Band /Stamped Back

Taken in the garage...sorry!

The next is part of my lost wax casting journey...a journey I'm begining to understand and really appreciate....i have found a passion in deer antlers....well it's more like a full blown i hope i don't antler everybody to death over the coming months. They are all different...and will have different chain far as stones used and glass beads.  Lots of deer antler inspired pieces coming in the future....all from natural shed' animal was harmed if I use it in my jewelry.  My husband and I have gone Vegan...except I'm still eating eggs and seafood, my husband only i'm not sure to what degree were Vegan.....but it's a good thing! (atleast for us). Now for the ANTLERS!!!

Oh--la--la (in love with this pendant)

Lost Wax Cast Sterling Antler with Tibetan Glass Beads
Lost Wax Cast Antler Pendant-Turquoise and Coral Version

Funky Deer Preistess Stuff

Did I mention how much I love these antler pendants......step into the Kingdom of the Antler's *lol*
These will go to facebook from here and make there way into the shop soon....if any of these belong to your gypsy heart and soul....convo me thru esty....and we will make them yours!

Love to you all!    ♥Sue


  1. the new pieces are all just beautiful and filled with so much love & soul!!!

    congrats on the show! October will arrive quicker than a wink --- i'll be thinking supportive thoughts for you until then ...


  2. Thanks Laurie...lots of stuff needs to be created for the event.....hopefully the stress won't do me in....I'll be in touch soon! Love and hugs, S

  3. Gorgeous work Sue, I especially love the sacred heart. O boy preparing for those shows can be monumental, best wishes!


  4. Oh you funky deer priestess, Sue! What new gorgeousness have you created? I love them all. The sacred heart is very special and the antlers are wonderful :)

  5. Ro....I honestly didn't think they'd accept me for the's one of the ninest, well attended shows we have in this area. My husband went with me for the prejudging an he said afterwards..."you got in"...why is that man always right?

    Ness....more antler pieces coming....i've been infected! *lol*

  6. Cool ring! Congratulations on getting into the show! And your lost wax cast antlers are amazing! I LOVE them! xx

  7. Thanks Michele....I'm finally having fun in my casting that it's nearing an end...they are so much fun to wear! ♥

  8. Love them !!!
    The sacred heart is very soulful !! ♥

  9. Lorena...thank you so much! ♥♥♥

  10. I'm late to the antler party ;-)
    I love them, so cute!

  11. Hey're not late..steady stream of antlers coming! I miss the browser keeps shutting me down when I try to open the site...I've reported to Apple....still not fixed. ♥