Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spirit Deer ✭Fawn✭ Natural Forked Tine Antler Pendant

  This is a new pendant inspired by my love for the Deer and made from naturally shed deer antler. The piece I've used is the fork(between two tips) I've paired it with a lovely green chrysoprase, a protection stone. I have alot of different deer antler pieces coming soon....lots of experimenting going on here.
         The male deer will shed their antlers annually as a prelude to regeneration or re-growth of new ones. The antlers are composed of true bone. At first new antlers are covered by blood vessel filled skin called velvet. In late summer, early fall when their testosterone level increases the antlers harden and the buck rubs off the drying velvet. When testosterone levels drop early winter...the antlers start to shed. The entire shedding process takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete, with re-growth taking place over the summer. I've also learned that antler velvet is the only regenerating skin found in mammals. Antlers in velvet can grow up to 1" a day. Younger deer are usually the last ones to shed their antlers.

Deer Spirit Fawn

We have had squirrels in our attic....making all kinds of we have embarked on a squirrel relocation effort. Relocating them to an abandoned church near our house with lots of high grass and trees. I don't have any pics of our first capture(Secret Agent Squirrel)...but i do have pics of the second(007)....i wonder if the two of them realize they knew each other previously...squirrels are too smart...i'm sure they know. Relocating the squirrels was a difficult decision...I hope they'll enjoy their new surroundings.

Headquarters aka new squirrel relocation home
Next post my cast bronze Jack-a-lope will make an appearance....he's pretty cute.



  1. Wow sue, what an amazing piece - I love deer too, on the way to the airport the other week, (way to early in the morning) we followed a deer for about half a mile as it ran down the middle of the country lane, it was lovely!!
    Hope the squirrels are liking their new home.

  2. Hey Becky! I became a deer lover from living in the country with them....they would bed down in our side yard, and they are so darn beautiful. They never cease to amaze me. I have absolute faith in the squirrels adapting to their new home...I'm working on new earrings with moose antler in copper and a deer tine pendant in silver....i may need to order a riveter for the earrings. New tools! yay!

  3. What an amazing piece Sue! I'm looking forward to seeing your cast bronze jack-a-lope! xx

  4. Michele...I may post the bronze jack-a-lope on facebook first....he's the kind of little sculpture that grows on you. I've yet to name him! ♥

  5. Awww Sue the fawn is precious standing on lanky legs above the green. I like the way you used the antler too.

    We have a bazillion squirrels, they eat everything including our fence. I think they all should go to church and repent for their sins.

    You are a kind soul.

    xoxo Ro

  6. HI Ro....I'm having way too much fun with antler material and the squirrels i hear are organizing a revival down at the abandoned church! *lol* I've heard Hollywood might be interested in making Leap of Faith 2 in our neck of the woods.....although the squirrels were dead set on a spy flick! We've only caught 2 so far. ♥Sue

  7. this is so gorgeous Sue, and as always, it makes me feel ~ feel in your work, my immense love for animals in nature!!!

    in anticipation of your other new pieces . . .

    i think that looks like a pretty righteous tree. maybe the squirrels will amend their ways there!!! ;)

  8. Laurie...hope to have new pieces up next week....they are in progress. I did an awesome tutorial last night up In Dayton....Jack Berry's textured silver pendant...i did a practice run in copper...very cool! We shortcut the project by injecting an hydraulic press in step 2...way fun! love...sue

    Will post that when i get it completed in silver.....if i get it completed in silver! *l*

  9. Fantastic new piece.. the little unsure legs, the cradling antler, the spots on her bottom!
    (and I like the new background, too)
    happy freedom weekend!

  10. Thanks SJ....i left you a post...feel better! I like the little spots too! ♥
    I hoping to do a blog makeover in the future even though my photoshop skills are so for now i decided to light a scented candle by changing the background. *L*

  11. A lovely new piece, Sue. I like the addition of the antler too, something with deer vibrations!

    Years ago, in another house, we had squirrels riverdancing in our attic. I was always worried they would chew through something electrical and burn us all in our beds! The relocation is a good idea, hope they stay put!

  12. Thank you Ness.....those squirrels are a noisy bunch...but i don't think we have a squirrel Flatley amongst ours*lol*...yep they can do horrendous damage to a home. They are a couple miles down the road...we thought the abandoned church was a good choice because it's very quiet...not alot of human activity.

  13. Hey Sue - oooh looking forward to seeing those earrings. Your blog is looking v lovely btw - new background? Or has that been there ages, and I just hadn't noticed it before (typical me!)

  14. Becky...the background is fairly new...end of June I changed it...thanks for dropping in....hope to have some new items by end of week to post..learning a new technique. The moose antler earrings will be coming very soon as well.♥