Saturday, July 30, 2011

✭✭✭Savage Beauties✭✭✭

      i am immensely proud of these new pieces....i knew what i wanted to do with them and they became the vision i carried in my head. These are experimental in nature....and deeply connected to my passion for the wild and the animal kingdom. When i say i put my heart and soul into these i mean it fully and totally. I hope these will be the forerunners of a long lineage of naturally shed antler pieces...i'm looking into using other natural animal materials as well. I've spent the month of July in learning challenges that were looming dark and foreboding worked themselves thru in time...until the solution came gently knocking on my minds cellar door. Etching and i have become friends....not best friends but were working on it....maybe i should rephrase...copper and I are best friends (copper etches like a dream)...sterling....a misbehaved problematic child....who will learn discipline for it's own good (good moments and bad)! More etched pieces will be arriving in well as new design concepts....ready to take their first breaths. I promised my bronze Jack-a-lope on this post he'll make an appearance somewhere....he's very artistic (a painter) and he writes poetry when not nibbling carrots in the garden. His name....well he's unnamed to date so suggestions are welcome.

The Savage Beauties  Series:

Savage-  Not domesticated or cultivated; wild.
Beauties- A combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, esp. the sight.

Deer Flower Vintage Glass & Tine Pendant

Wild Spirit Etched Sterling Deer Burr Pendant

And last but not least......Jack...well maybe...

Will be etching next week...and working on new stuff...hope to get some earrings pumped out in the midst of it all.  Will have the new pieces listed Sunday/Monday.

♥♥♥love to all, Sue


  1. Oh Sue... Gorgeous heartfelt work!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, Sue! Strong, strong work--congratulations!!

  3. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!
    i am in love with your Jackalope!
    i want to kiss him right on the nose :)
    i have a stuffed one, his name is Web

    and, i can see just what you put into these new pieces that raises them high and holy . . . YOU!

    they do, they both rise up, honoring the spirit and grace of the animals from which they came.

    gorgeous work dear friend. gorgeous!!!

  4. Allison....I'm so thrilled my love for nature is translating to the jewelry pieces! Love and hugs, Sue xoxo
    Best of luck again on your upcoming opportunity!!!

    Thank you Carolina and welcome...honored to have you aboard! ♥

    Laurie...So yours is named Web...maybe we can stick with Jack for my friend...he is the 2nd jackalope i did...the first one turned out skinny and a bit weird...i never cast him...then the cats knocked him off my night stand and i think he's missing an antler or two....consumed by tragedy and sadness he awaits a rebirth one day. Thank you so much for the encouraging words on the new work. Love to you...angel! Sue

  5. Wow, Sue - look where you are going on this amazing journey.... your new work is incredible!!

    I love love love the etched horse and the jackalope is fabulous.

    Hares are my deer....

  6. Gorgeous pieces Sue! I love the top one best!!!

  7. Nessy ♥♥


    Thanks guys!

    Boatloads of crazy stuff coming soon!

  8. Holy cow you got skills girl!!


  9. Ro....learning skills on the fly! nothing like baptism of fire...esp. with the fall show looming! Hugs lady, Sue
    Being married to a mechanical enginneer is a plus too...he helps me troubleshoot technical problems.

  10. I absolutely adore the first pendant! Stunning!

  11. I love when we can in corporate nature so nicely into wearable art... even functional art. Very Nicely Done Sue. hope you're well... xo

  12. Sj....thanks....well just stressed....but coping! need to stop for a drink and treats at the Karma...yummy!