Sunday, November 27, 2011


 Many of you have heard me talking about a double bezel ring that gave me fits...down to ruining the original piece of antler i had intended to use....well it's finally finished....unbelievable as it is to myself. It has turned out wonderful in spite of the many difficulties encountered. It's HERE now awaiting someone to claim her as theirs.   Here is a picture of the completed piece:

Be Still My Heart-Antler Totem Faceted Prehnite Ring- Size 7

Here are some other new pieces...i will be listing in my shop rather than previewing on my blog thru December....then I'll return to previewing all new work on my blog first.
Blue Lights-Glass Reflector Earrings
Little Etched Fairy Tale Bee
Passage of Time Antler Slice Pendant
Watcher in the Woods Fused Glass Eye Pendant

I'm hoping to add a few more pieces to the shop today....and I hope everyone enjoyed a stress free and peaceful holiday! Some of the Black Friday behavior I've been reading about online with shoppers spraying pepper spray to get their sale items.....unbelievable :( !


  1. I had similar fun constructing a huge cuff this weekend for a friend, 5 bezels later :( :( I locked my studio door and screamed, I really did :0

    I love all of them but that busy bee is my favorite.


  2. Ro...the bee took either 3 or 4 bezel attempts....the first one being perfect for me only to burn it up. This one had a bezel issue as well....i guess i hadn't caught a spot where it hadn't completely soldered when i set the original piece of antler it pulled up .....i was wondering why there was so much play in the bezel....i found had to be resoldered and then i had to find an antler replacement...i used permanent marker on the original when i went to remove it i used denatured alcohol and marker wicked up and the whole antler slice turned a lovely pale blue.....awful! Glad you had success with your cuff! Hugs...Sue ring i dropped on the basement floor and totally dinged the bezel's still in rescue mode....hopefully it will be salvaged.