Sunday, December 9, 2012

new work finally up! :)

This is my second attempt to post this post. The first one got deleted as i was crossing the finish line. 
:(    (frown not large enough to express the magnitude of my disgust)  
Onto the pieces-  The first is MooseTotem-Antler Energy Pendant with a little citrine cab over the moose's heart.  This is more of a survival piece. It has a female warrior charge....for someone who wants their jewelry to be as unique as they are....   I love this wears gently and beautifully. The antler is very nubby and creamy...quite beautiful.

This next piece is Wind Runner-Sterling Cuff with Royston Turquoise. I finally found the right home for this little horse that had been cut for months before he landed on this bracelet. It will fit a small wrist of 6 to 6 1/2" it is slight adjustable....more in than out. I recommend it's adjusted initally and then left alone...since sterling can get brittle if its over stressed.  The inspiration for this is Native American design work.  It's a very comfortable cuff.

This next piece is one of 3. This one and the next (which is 99% finished) are the same size. The 3rd is larger. This is made using the lost wax process and cast with sterling silver. It has flashy, Toho  and sterling bead adornments. Each piece is unique and is made by hand out of wax before it is cast. This hangs vertically, which was a suggestion by my husband. The last two of these i made hung on the horizontal.  This one is called Antler Down-Spirit's Up Pendant.

 I will have more stuff in about a stay tuned. Hope everyone's making through the holiday season alright.     ♥Sue

Thursday, October 4, 2012


      Meet Alice.....She's the inspiration behind the "Alice Pendant".  She was no ordinary runner duck.....she endured physical hardships and challenges that made her a bit different than the other runner ducks. She lived her life with grace and beauty and touched the lives of those around her with her sweet and gentle spirit. Her favorite treat was green peas. Notice the very unusual white stripe around her neck.  That which made her special will always remain in the hearts of those she loved and in the hearts of those that loved her....forever munching on peas and enjoying the sunshine and breezes against her feathers.



It was truly an honor to have been asked to do this project. Many thanks! 

Thank you also for the many wonderful Facebook comments received after posting Alice.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Labor Day Sale

Shop Sale in progress thru 9/3 midnite EST.  
                 Go here for details and code!

Monday, August 20, 2012


       I have some new pieces to share...the Raven and Deer Earrings are new.....i also have 2 pieces nearly completed.....The Lizard Pendant and Charon...the mythical boatman.  The last 3 pieces on this post are newer...they are already in the shop. The Charms however for the Magic series pendant are delayed but i will get them listed soon.

        And now for The Raven-Protection Totem (protection came from a customer who suggested I make more Ravens and shared her story about how the Raven has protected her home and pets) So this is an honor piece. He turned out wonderful and i left the raven in dark patina...which fits him very well.

Black and white striped Agate-amazing!

More Painted Antler Earrings---i think this is Peruvian Opal rescued from my stash. 

These are the old newer pieces that never made the blog....I'm sure I was in an overwhelmed state of a hurry to facebook and tweet them...then being blog indifferent.

Sterling Cast Unicorn/Narwhal Horn-Magic Series

Beaded Antler Rain Chain Pendant

Painted Antler with Etched Agate and Moose Antler Beads

Will have more to share sometime next week. Thanks for supporting my blog and shop!  Hugs, Sue♥

Monday, July 9, 2012

New Work--

I have 3 new pieces of work to share....they are on facebook and twitter already but yet to be listed. All 3 are pendants-

"Eternal Life" Cast Raccoon Vertebra 

"Tazanna" Lioness Princess Pendant
Peach Willow Jasper with Black Dendrites/Onyx Tear Drops

"Hawaiian Flower" Amethyst Slice Hibiscus Pendant

We've been having a new roof put on....thankfully they are finished. We still have interior ceiling repair well as some other improvements that need doing...replacing carpet with hardwood...painting....screening in a porch off our bedroom....and landscaping. Right now it's only in the high 80' has been over 100 degrees. We removed a dead tree from our front yard which is very close to the road....i have a pic to share of that....i don't think i brushed my hair that day..and had stall attire on. I helped pull the tree over once my husband chain sawed through it....we used a come along attached to his SUV  to pull it did not fall on the road....thanks to my great come along-ing work....which sounds like a girl scout cookie to me. Thin Mints and Come Alongs!

Acting like a bada@@ holding the chainsaw i didn't operate
After this pic the tree was cut up and dragged to the burning pile.....we have 2 buring piles ( side front yard and back yard) All evidence of the tree is now history....
ahhh...the life of x-suburban....turned moderate hillbilly. Thank God my husband knows what he's doing! 
   We have a little family of deer visiting our yard lately...2 little fawns and their mama. We saw them early this moring bit I've not got a pic of them yet. One of the babies is very alert and everytime it sees me on the other side if the sliding door it bolts...taking it's sibling with it. The mama has just recently appeared with the two. At first i thought they were orphaned. I hope to get some pictures of the three if i can just be sly enough without scaring the one little fawn.

That's about it folks...sorry i haven't posted in a long's just been a rough few months.

Yours, Sue♥

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bella, Lepus and Totem and a few videos and ramblings

      I actually have to work to share....

               Bella the Butterfly pendant with Picasso Marble (reserved),

                            and Lepus and Totem, 2 jackrabbit pendants with pottery shards.

Bella with Spessartite Garnet & Black Onyx

Lepus with triple Pottery Shard Stack and Chrysoprase 

Totem with Pottery Shards & Peruvian Opal and Aventurine heishi

          Having leftover pizza and spinach salad for dinner tonight...effortless....i'm so lazy!  My cat girls are enjoying the open windows and breezes that spring has brought forth...Mia lays on her back with her paws in the air...eyes shut tight....dreamland express stuff.  Lily....studies her as if exploring a fungus and remains regal paws in the air for Lily....her nap lap (where she is now) keep me from getting anything accomplished....that afterall is her mission.  Those two are so different but so charming absolute. I find that our TV remains on all the time...right now it's on's usually always on SyFy or Nat Geo...sometimes i watch Barefoot now. She's such a cuisine master.....picnic master....everything's just perfecto all the time...things i will never experience. Lily's watching Ina too....maybe she'll make dinner tomorrow night!  Ha!  Hope you enjoy the new be listed tomorrow in shop.

Some rather cute and interesting may have to endure a commercial in one.

Video of the kitten and the vacuum


Sunday, February 26, 2012


I'm having a tiny time sensitive sale....use code REDCARPET and take 20% off any item in my shop. Code active now thru Midnight in honor of the Oscar's.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

ΩΩΩΩΩ Some Finished Work ΩΩΩΩΩ

                       Cat's made for anyone who is madly in love with their cat(s)...the little Kings and Queens of the backyard jungles they rule or think they rule. This one has a lovely hessonite garnet cabochon that I've had for ages...very rich and orangy. The cat has been pierced....the face was difficult to cut because the pierces were such small areas...i could barely see them to cut. The design is very elegant and honors the cat very well.  It can also represent the Cat totem for those of you that have cats as your totem animal.   ∆∆∆

∆ Cat Love ∆

These earrings were a design challenge....and I'm still fiddling with antler material so there will be more coming....I'm happy with the finished result and will be redoing this design as well as other variations. I'm amazed the abalone and turquoise in the right shade complement each other pretty well. 

∆ Nature Prints ∆

The JackRabbit with pottery shards didn't go very well...the pottery shards got a bit grubby looking with the he's temporarily scraped....i will complete him in the future with a different design.  More earrings coming as well as some other pendants.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Moonshines' New owner is ??????????


(I'll have to rely on my cats for the drumroll...i'll just have to wake them from their naps...just a sec.)....the winner is: (chosen by my husband from a bowl of all the entries just minutes ago)    

Amy Nicole 

Please forward your mailing address to me at and I will get this shipped.


Before I forget  want to thank everyone for taking time to participate in my Giveaway...really overwhelmed by the lovely support and comments about my designs. Hugs and love to all! ♥♥♥♥♥
There will be other giveaways....hoping to have a Spring event so keep an eye open. This was fun...huh?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The GIVEAWAY Has Arrived!

Moonshine the Rabbit with Obsidian and Beadwork

The Giveaway is here...i finally got things together enough to pull this off. The giveaway runs Jan 23rd thru Jan 30th. The winner will be announced Jan 31st. The obsidian in this pendant gives off a black or soft blue hue depending on how it catches the light. I included a playful little rabbit on this named "Moonshine" who doubles as a rabbit totem. The Beadwork on the chain picks up the tones in the obsidan.....this is very unique....the first of its kind for me design wise.

Entry information:  The winner will be announced Jan 31st on blog. Entries will be accepted until midnight Jan 30. (EST). Each person will have multiple chances to enter.....thru facebook, twitter, etsy and by following my blog or posting a link on your blog about my giveaway.

1)  Follow my blog and let me know by posting on my blog (if you are a follower already leave me a post and I'll enter you)

2) Post a link on your blog to my blog about the Giveaway....and leave me a post

3)Follow me on Twitter and send out a tweet about my giveaway.....and leave me a post.

4) Follow me on Facebook and send out a post about my giveaway....and leave me a post.

5) Favorite my shop on Etsy and if you already have me leave me a post so i can find you in my favorites and enter you.

Please remember each person up to 5 chances to be sure to let me know which of the 5 you've done...if you do all Super!

Good luck everyone!

I have been selected as the feature artist on my friend Cat's find out more about me...visit her blog here
    Here are some some new pieces I'll be adding to the shop over the next few day...i also have some painted deer antler earrings with turquoise that I haven't photographed yet because i just finished them last night...I'll probably just list them vs. previewing them on the blog first. 

Gemmy Sterling Trilobite Necklace

 Beaded Trilobite Choker
My Friend Ro Darrow is having a giveaway right now too thru's the link Ro's Giveawayl
I think i might be running out of blog post space....i had wanted to include some images of the aftermath of the ice storm we had over the weekend....but i don't think they'll fit.

Frozen Crunchy Grass
Well I managed to get one I'll consider myself lucky!

Stay warm in this winter harshness!   ❤Sue

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

windswept mermaid


Sea Beauty
                                            Ocean Kingdom

"Sabrina fair
Listen where thou art sitting
Under the glassie, cool, translucent wave,
In twisted braids of Lillies knitting
The loose train of thy amber-dropping hair,
Listen for dear honour's sake,
Goddess of the silver lake,
Listen and save."
John Milton excerpt from Sabrina Fair

Will have her listed this weekend.