Sunday, February 26, 2012


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Thursday, February 16, 2012

ΩΩΩΩΩ Some Finished Work ΩΩΩΩΩ

                       Cat's made for anyone who is madly in love with their cat(s)...the little Kings and Queens of the backyard jungles they rule or think they rule. This one has a lovely hessonite garnet cabochon that I've had for ages...very rich and orangy. The cat has been pierced....the face was difficult to cut because the pierces were such small areas...i could barely see them to cut. The design is very elegant and honors the cat very well.  It can also represent the Cat totem for those of you that have cats as your totem animal.   ∆∆∆

∆ Cat Love ∆

These earrings were a design challenge....and I'm still fiddling with antler material so there will be more coming....I'm happy with the finished result and will be redoing this design as well as other variations. I'm amazed the abalone and turquoise in the right shade complement each other pretty well. 

∆ Nature Prints ∆

The JackRabbit with pottery shards didn't go very well...the pottery shards got a bit grubby looking with the he's temporarily scraped....i will complete him in the future with a different design.  More earrings coming as well as some other pendants.