Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bella, Lepus and Totem and a few videos and ramblings

      I actually have to work to share....

               Bella the Butterfly pendant with Picasso Marble (reserved),

                            and Lepus and Totem, 2 jackrabbit pendants with pottery shards.

Bella with Spessartite Garnet & Black Onyx

Lepus with triple Pottery Shard Stack and Chrysoprase 

Totem with Pottery Shards & Peruvian Opal and Aventurine heishi

          Having leftover pizza and spinach salad for dinner tonight...effortless....i'm so lazy!  My cat girls are enjoying the open windows and breezes that spring has brought forth...Mia lays on her back with her paws in the air...eyes shut tight....dreamland express stuff.  Lily....studies her as if exploring a fungus and remains regal throughout....no paws in the air for Lily....her nap destination...my lap (where she is now)...to keep me from getting anything accomplished....that afterall is her mission.  Those two are so different but so charming absolute. I find that our TV remains on all the time...right now it's on SyFy....it's usually always on SyFy or Nat Geo...sometimes i watch Barefoot Contessa...hmmm....like now. She's such a cuisine master.....picnic master....everything's just perfecto all the time...things i will never experience. Lily's watching Ina too....maybe she'll make dinner tomorrow night!  Ha!  Hope you enjoy the new work....to be listed tomorrow in shop.

Some rather cute and interesting videos...you may have to endure a commercial in one.

Video of the kitten and the vacuum