Monday, July 9, 2012

New Work--

I have 3 new pieces of work to share....they are on facebook and twitter already but yet to be listed. All 3 are pendants-

"Eternal Life" Cast Raccoon Vertebra 

"Tazanna" Lioness Princess Pendant
Peach Willow Jasper with Black Dendrites/Onyx Tear Drops

"Hawaiian Flower" Amethyst Slice Hibiscus Pendant

We've been having a new roof put on....thankfully they are finished. We still have interior ceiling repair well as some other improvements that need doing...replacing carpet with hardwood...painting....screening in a porch off our bedroom....and landscaping. Right now it's only in the high 80' has been over 100 degrees. We removed a dead tree from our front yard which is very close to the road....i have a pic to share of that....i don't think i brushed my hair that day..and had stall attire on. I helped pull the tree over once my husband chain sawed through it....we used a come along attached to his SUV  to pull it did not fall on the road....thanks to my great come along-ing work....which sounds like a girl scout cookie to me. Thin Mints and Come Alongs!

Acting like a bada@@ holding the chainsaw i didn't operate
After this pic the tree was cut up and dragged to the burning pile.....we have 2 buring piles ( side front yard and back yard) All evidence of the tree is now history....
ahhh...the life of x-suburban....turned moderate hillbilly. Thank God my husband knows what he's doing! 
   We have a little family of deer visiting our yard lately...2 little fawns and their mama. We saw them early this moring bit I've not got a pic of them yet. One of the babies is very alert and everytime it sees me on the other side if the sliding door it bolts...taking it's sibling with it. The mama has just recently appeared with the two. At first i thought they were orphaned. I hope to get some pictures of the three if i can just be sly enough without scaring the one little fawn.

That's about it folks...sorry i haven't posted in a long's just been a rough few months.

Yours, Sue♥