Monday, August 20, 2012


       I have some new pieces to share...the Raven and Deer Earrings are new.....i also have 2 pieces nearly completed.....The Lizard Pendant and Charon...the mythical boatman.  The last 3 pieces on this post are newer...they are already in the shop. The Charms however for the Magic series pendant are delayed but i will get them listed soon.

        And now for The Raven-Protection Totem (protection came from a customer who suggested I make more Ravens and shared her story about how the Raven has protected her home and pets) So this is an honor piece. He turned out wonderful and i left the raven in dark patina...which fits him very well.

Black and white striped Agate-amazing!

More Painted Antler Earrings---i think this is Peruvian Opal rescued from my stash. 

These are the old newer pieces that never made the blog....I'm sure I was in an overwhelmed state of a hurry to facebook and tweet them...then being blog indifferent.

Sterling Cast Unicorn/Narwhal Horn-Magic Series

Beaded Antler Rain Chain Pendant

Painted Antler with Etched Agate and Moose Antler Beads

Will have more to share sometime next week. Thanks for supporting my blog and shop!  Hugs, Sue♥


  1. O wow, beautiful work -- that raven piece is stunning!

  2. What beautiful jewelry! I LOVE the narwhal horn ... that is awesome, and that first piece with the raven is spectacular!

  3. Thank you ladies for the sweet comments. The Raven i think is my all time favorite. The Narwhal/unicorn horn has the most wonderful a worry/touch stone.

  4. I hear you about being "blog indifferent", my blog has been sadly neglected over the last few months.

    I love your raven. Ravens have always been special to me.

    1. Cat....blogs are yet another thing on the checklist. Sometimes I just can't get to everything so i let the blog slide a bit. I'm very envious of those who are regular bloggers. Glad you like the Raven, he turned out great. I may do a raven without a cab...i have an idea planned for a different kind of necklace with a horse image. I may start on him this week....I will post that one on the blog and if it's well received do a Raven in the style of the horse piece. In the meantime finishing a custom order of a very special duck. ♥Sue