Sunday, December 9, 2012

new work finally up! :)

This is my second attempt to post this post. The first one got deleted as i was crossing the finish line. 
:(    (frown not large enough to express the magnitude of my disgust)  
Onto the pieces-  The first is MooseTotem-Antler Energy Pendant with a little citrine cab over the moose's heart.  This is more of a survival piece. It has a female warrior charge....for someone who wants their jewelry to be as unique as they are....   I love this wears gently and beautifully. The antler is very nubby and creamy...quite beautiful.

This next piece is Wind Runner-Sterling Cuff with Royston Turquoise. I finally found the right home for this little horse that had been cut for months before he landed on this bracelet. It will fit a small wrist of 6 to 6 1/2" it is slight adjustable....more in than out. I recommend it's adjusted initally and then left alone...since sterling can get brittle if its over stressed.  The inspiration for this is Native American design work.  It's a very comfortable cuff.

This next piece is one of 3. This one and the next (which is 99% finished) are the same size. The 3rd is larger. This is made using the lost wax process and cast with sterling silver. It has flashy, Toho  and sterling bead adornments. Each piece is unique and is made by hand out of wax before it is cast. This hangs vertically, which was a suggestion by my husband. The last two of these i made hung on the horizontal.  This one is called Antler Down-Spirit's Up Pendant.

 I will have more stuff in about a stay tuned. Hope everyone's making through the holiday season alright.     ♥Sue