Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New adds in shop tonight

Gift of the Alicorn

Lost Wax Casting Sterling Unicorn Horn

Triple Horn of Odin

Amethyst Drusy Pendant Reversible

Reverse or Front

Circle of the Narwhal

Lost wax Casting- Sterling Narwhal Horn

Have work in progress right now...scattered about my incredibly messy bench. Will update when i get something finished. 

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Imagery.....Previews of upcoming listings


Gold drusy/sterling layered pendant with Rivets-
Press fit-reversible.



       "Jackalope Western Totem"

Sterling silver with Royston Turquoise with Double Strand African Trade beads.   The pendant can be removed from chain.  Toggle clasp. Uber-colorful and unique.






 Medieval Inspired Rutilated Quartz and Sterling Tongue Pendant.



I will be finishing an Odin Pendant with Amethyst drusy very soon.  Also playing with antler and sterling.  Hoping to get a ring squeezed in somewhere. Also have the large unicorn horns to get listed and the new version of the narwhal horn. The latter is super close to getting listed.

Happy July 4th!!!   


       I will probably celebrate watching movies with my husband....and eating cheese and crackers.....almost forgot....pistachio nuts.

Also before i forget, we got to meet 2 of the Beach Boys last month - Mike Love and Bruce Johnston